Vote for Meeeeee!!!!

Still got that awful post-civic election taint on your fingers? Feeling guilty that you DIDN’T EVEN VOTE? Hate your new-but-mostly-old-because-there’s-no-point-in-voting-so-no-one-did pro-business, developer-friendly, government-hatin' city council?

Here’s your chance to exercise your franchise in a more meaningful way. The Aviva Fund has been holding votes over teh internets to determine which of hundreds of local projects it will be supporting through its community foundation. There are a few vote worthy ideas afloat around these parts – like Prairies Unplugged and Learning Through Hip Hop, which I hear is dragging down my fave idea, the revamp of the Loggies Building into a cultural mecca.

So vote already. Get your friends, kids, classmates, cat, whoever – it takes a second to sign up, and you can vote once per day from each computer. Time’s a wastin'! Just two days left. (Pssst: Vote Loggies!)

Photo: Myek O'Shea

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