Big Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow marks a very special moment in human history. Forty-six years ago on Feb. 11 in Sandpoint, Idaho a baby girl named Sarah Louise was born to Charles "Chuck" Heath, a science teacher, and his wife Sarah "Sally", a
school secretary. Ever precocious and perky, this girl has grown into a woman of considerable accomplishment [in high school, for example, she was a skilled flautist and ball-handler-- as point guard for the basketball team, I mean] who may not yet have realized her final destiny, her growing legion of supporters fervently hope anyway, as leader of the Free World. (blogacause)

Ladies and Gentleman, if you find yourself in possession of a glass of alcohol or some other suitable libation tomorrow, give a toast to the birthday girl, will you?. (CornerStoneGroup).

And to show that she's still at the top of her game, here's video of her in action at a recent conservative political convention in Nashville. (YouTube)

Yes, that's the mayor of Regina

... fourth from the left. Wonder if his mother's proud of him. (Leader-Post)

EDIT: photo removed due to potential copyright conflicts

Pick of the Day: Jenn Grant

I'm not absolutely sure that Jenn Grant (pictured) is headlining this gig at the Exchange tonight. Based out of Halifax, the PEI-born Grant is regarded as an artist on the rise in Canada. After this gig, in fact, she'll be heading out to Vancouver to perform as part of the Cultural Olympiad.

Tonight, though, she's playing on a bill with Jason Plumb & the Willing. More than just local favourites, Plumb and his bandmates are top-notch musicians in their own right with a musical pedigree dating back, in Plumb's case anyway, to the late '80s and his group The Waltons. Like Grant, they too will be performing in Vancouver as part of the Cultural Olympiad.

Regardless of which order they play, Regina music fans are in for a treat. Tix are only $10 too, which is insanely cheap.

When I went to YouTube to look for a song by Grant to feature here, I had my choice of several. For some reason (actually, for a particular reason which will become clear tomorrow when the Feb. 11 issue of prairie dog hits the streets) I chose "Heartbreaker" off her 2009 CD Echoes. (YouTube)

If you're from around here, you've almost certainly seen Jason Plumb & the Willing play before. To refresh your memory, here's the trailer for their 2009 DVD Alive and Willing. (YouTube)