Blogger Fighting Harper Spam

Abandoned Stuff blogger, Saskboy, was on CBC Radio this morning talking to Sheila Coles about how he and the other residents of Ralph Goodale's riding are being spammed with junkmail from the Conservatives. Apparently, even though MPs are only supposed to be using their postal privileges to send mail to their constituents, Harper has been mailing residents in swing ridings that went to other parties. A misuse of his position? Or simply an exploitation of a loophole, one that any governing party would take? I don't care. It's yet another example of sleazy, underhanded politics from out the Calgary School.

Here's Saskboy's post detailing the scam. Hat's off to him for fighting the fight.

Shape of Things to Come?

Following their early-February collision in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, the British and French commanders [pictured at left] of the nuclear-armed submarines involved met with media for the first time the other day at NATO headquarters in Brussels to discuss the circumstances of the accident which caused moderate damage to both ships. During their press conference, the commanders dismissed the mishap, which could have had catastrophic consequences, as a high-stakes game of chicken that went a little too far. Reports have since surfaced, however, that both vessels were equipped with sophisticated stealth technology and that they were quite possibly unaware of each other's presence in that sector of the north Atlantic. I'll post more details on this story as they become available.