Me Likey Hockey

Finally had a chance to get to a WJC game tonight. Fun stuff. Russia beat the Czech Republic 5-2 but I thought the Czechs played a little better on balance. Russia's goaltender (Bobkov--great name!) was the better keeper however and those Ruskies, when they want to, they sure can turn up the offence. I think Canada would/will squash 'em, though. Almost too bad--I'm a Nikita Filatov fan.

Onion News Tops Prairie Dog

Decade in review, schmecade in review. The Onion News Network recently looked back on the entire history of Earth. Ranking high on its list of notable occurrences, as you might expect, is God's miraculous creation of the planet and the rest of the firmament approximately 6000 years ago. (Onion News Network)

New Dog!

The new prairie dog will be everywhere by the time you read it. It's a special camoflage issue. For no good reason, we used high-tech printing methods to render it invisible at night so you'll want to pick it up before sunset. That's a good idea anyway; we don't want you getting fanged by vampires or chewed by werewolves (full moon tomorrow!!!) on our account. Then again, this issue of prairie dog is so good it's probably worth risking death by supernatural forces to get your copy. Like a luxury car or a killer stereo system or a starship bridge, it's packed with great features. Like for instance:

THE DECADE IN REVIEW: A recap of the top news, arts and lifestyle stories and trends of the last decade with a special focus on politics, film, music and that wacky "high on life" vibe that overtook the province as resource revenues zoomed upwards. Oh, and a fond look back at Regina's dining scene. And music. Lots of music.

MORE DECADE IN REVIEW: And we've got a B-list of the decade's second-tier evildoers, a ranking of six of the crappiest movies, a couple of recaps on America's insane decade and a look at the trends that shaped the "noughties". Plus an interview with News Quirks author Roland Sweet--his column's 35 years old! Who knew?

STILL MORE DECADE IN REVIEW: Then there's LaRose's article on the decade in sports, Paul Dechene's analysis of the zombie revival, a Queen City Confidential that throws out some accusations we didn't bother to verify and an interview with the Grand Dame of Regina real estate.

IS THAT ALL? No, there's more, way more. But you'll have to pick up a copy of to find out what it is. One warning: when you do, don't put it anywhere near your white couch.

Pick of the Day: New Year's Eve

This being New Year's Eve, there's a whole pile of stuff happening in Regina tonight. Here's a quick rundown of the gigs I'm aware of. At O'Hanlon's Pub, OYE! (pictured) with local rapper Def 3 will be doing a free show that's guaranteed to get people up and grooving. At Casino Regina, Spirit of the West will be ringing in the new year backed up by Carl Dixon. Tix there are $55, $60. At the Drink Nightclub Mascara is playing. The Dan Silljer Band is at McNally's Tavern and Faster Gun is at the Pump Roadhouse. There's also Disco Bass From Outer Space at 1475 Toronto St. Tix are $15-$20 for that, and contact info is 526-3067.

If you're looking for something a little less raucous, you could always check out the RPL Film Theatre. Screening tonight and Friday night at 7 p.m. is the bachelor party comedy I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell that ... uh ... okay, this movie will probably be pretty raunchy too, but in a vicarious sort of way, in that you won't actually be guzzling booze and cavorting with scantily clad women, you'll just be watching other people do it and, quite likely, suffering the consequences for their vile and debauched behaviour. Here's the trailer. (YouTube)

Also on tap (pun intended) at the RPL is the Australian/UK family drama The Boys Are Back which stars Clive Owen as a formerly fun-loving sportswriter who struggles with single parenthood after his wife's tragic death. It screens at 9 p.m. tonight and 4 p.m. Friday. Here's the trailer for it (YouTube)

Remember also, tonight the City and various sponsors are running the Ding in the New Year promotion which provides free transit and paratransit service starting at 7 p.m. Here's a link to the City's website for schedule information.