Production Night Musing.

Will we hit a 100 blog posts this month, I wonder? We've been doing that pretty consistently for quite a few months now. But like most everyone else in Regina, we're beginning to suffer a bit from winter fatigue. Besides, February is such a damn short month. Three days shorter than most months, two days shorter than the remaining four -- September, April, June and November. Last February, all we could muster was 48 posts. We're already at 29 so we'll beat that easy. It will take a Herculean effort though for us to break 100.

Pick of the Day: Threat Signal

Hailing from Steeltown, or at least what used to be known as Steeltown before most of the mills moved off-shore, Threat Signal (pictured) have been shredding metal-heads across Canada and beyond since 2005. In that time, they've released two albums Under Reprisal (2006) and Vigilance (2008). Tonight, they headline a gig at the Exchange that also features Blackguard, Kelevra and Decency Dies. Here's the video for Threat Signal's 2008 song "Through My Eyes" (YouTube)

Speaking of threats, University of Regina Political Science professor Jeffery Webber just returned from a one week visit to Honduras as part of a human rights delegation that met with trade unionists, peasants and other activists who are engaged in a popular resistance against the current Honduran government which seized control in a de-facto coup in June 2009. Tonight at the University of Regina (Classroom Building 112) at 7 p.m., Webber will discuss his experience, plus outline the role the Canadian government has played in propping up the illegal regime to protect Canadian mining interests in the country.

Yukon Blonde Is Effin' Great Great Great

Sitting here, editing, listening and marvelling. Good stuff.

They're playing here on the 23rd. This old dude might need to book the next day off...