Good Friday

You'll never guess what I did tonight. (Google Images)

Posters of the Week

There is just too much awesomeness on Poster Cabaret. It really isn't fair. I won't type any more because anything I could type would be inadequate to express how mind blowing great these posters are. Stop reading. Click the link. Click it now.

Six for Jesus

Today Christians observe the brutal torture and execution of their saviour Jesus Christ, believed by many to have be the son of God (and a damned good guy even if he wasn't*).

It's also a day when prairie dog writers neglect Dog Blog because we're (almost) all a pack of atheist freeloaders exploiting the dominant faith's holiday for some time off.

But lest their be no posts at all today (UPDATE: I see Dechene posted while I was typing this), I shall shrug off my laziness to offer some news-related freeloading; i.e. links to the stories of other media outlets who paid hard-working journalists for them.

And here we go!

1 NOT SO SECRET SUPPORT Yesterday we learned that a Saskatchewan electricians' union has agreed to support Bruce Power's nuclear plans. Oh, reallllllllly. For anyone who missed it, here's my March 17 post on why nuclear power is a really bad idea. But it sure as hell sounds to me like this reactor is going through despite objections and, as far as I can tell, facts. Money to be made, and all that! (CBC)

2 BRAD LIKES DOMES The premier says that in his personal, unofficial view, an indoor, multi-use stadium makes more sense than an outdoor, mostly-football-only structure. If there was to be a new stadium. Which is up in the air, because there's other stuff to do first. Cough. (Star Phoenix)

3 IT'S NOT THE EMISSIONS, IT'S THE INTENSITY Saskatchewan and Alberta's economies are largely hostage to retrograde, planet-killing types of energy production (and no, switching to nuclear is not the way to go). Which is probably why the two provinces' environment ministers are pre-emptively balking at potential emissions-reduction regulations. (Globe And Mail)

4 FINE FERRET FRIENDS Most endangered species aren't completely adorable-looking. But this Saskatchewan cutie sure as hell is. (CBC)

5 BILLY BABY TAKES TOYS, HEADS HOME. To recap: actor and artiste Billy Bob Thornton acts like a pretulant princess on the CBC radio show Q. He says Canadians are like "mashed potatoes without the gravy". He refuses to answer the questions and treats his interviewer like a disobedient servant. And so, he quite reasonably gets trashed by media, continent-wide, and when his band That No One Cares About plays Toronto, Thornton (surprise!) gets booed by the crowd. He then tells his audience that affable CBC radio host Jian Ghomeshi an "asshole", thus looking like an even bigger jerk. Then he cancels his Canadian concerts, thus proving he's a delusional egomaniac and completing his circle of jerk-ness. Good riddance, you big damn sissy. (Toronto Star)

6 A REALLY GREAT ACTOR IS IN REGINA RIGHT NOW. Forest Whitaker. Wow. hope he's not an ass like BBT. (Leader-Post)

*He wasn't. Because, like the bus ads say, there probably** isn't a God.