Dolphin Bubbles

Proof, as though any was needed, that dolphins are an amazing species.

Sixless In The Morning

I have zero time to write a top six news this a.m. but this blog needs a morning post--so how about a cartoon? This is probably my all-time favourite National Film Board of Canada short. It's by Richard Condie, who was nominated for an Oscar for The Big Snit, and it's called The Apprentice. It's about learning and creativity, and the value of obstacles and what we can learn from adversity (and how it can even save us from disaster without us realizing it). And to my tastes it's reallyreallyreally funny.

Incidentally the NFB has a Web site that you can find a lot of their animation on but last time I checked (maybe a month ago) this one wasn't there, hence the embed from the copyright-plundering nightmare that is Yootoob.