Saturday Evening Soft-Core Porn

First in a series. (YouTube)

saturday morning cartoon

Hooray, it's Saturday morning, and time for cartoons!

Keeping with prairie dog's current dinosaur theme, we present the opening credits of Hanna Barbara's Valley Of the Dinosaurs. VOTD was a Saturday morning cartoon from 1974. Sounds like 74-75 was quite the year for the "terrible lizards" actually--1974 was also the year Land Of the Lost debuted, while The Land That Time Forgot--Nazis vs. dinos at the north pole, if I recall--hit theatres in summer 1975. And if you want to count Godzilla as a dinosaur (and why not?) this was also the year he met his scariest foe since Ghidorah: Mechagodzilla!

Bottom line: if you were a little kid in the mid-70s, your brain probably got melted by dinosaurs. Grawr!