The Alternative To Limbaugh Is...Canadian?

Former George W. Bush speechwriter and noted Conservative David Frum (whom you might remember from this post yesterday) wants to save the Republican Party by steering it away from social conservatism and Rush Limbaugh-style belligerence.

Well isn't that Canadian of him.

I've got a better idea: let it die, then reinvent conservatism so it's not synonymous with bloodthirsty warmongering, racist, homophobic and classist bigotry, raping the environment for profit, apocalyptic Christian mysticism and free-market fetishism.

Make it cautious, compassionate and focused on values. But real values, like making sure everyone in this society has opportunities and ensuring that we leave this planet in something resembling good condition for our (well your children anyway).

I'd like to see a better brand of conservatism too. Frum's not the guy. He had his chance, and he backed the bad guys.

Get a real job, buddy.

(Globe And Mail)