Six In The Morning

Links to six exciting news items ripped from the world of today by prairie dog's highly trained team of expert experts:

1 BACKED AGAINST THE WALL Chrysler and auto union the Canadian Auto Workers continue to negotiate terms of surrender. Meanwhile, here's an interesting open letter touching on recessions, depressions, government policy and how our current econmoic troubles are NOT the fault of workers. (Globe And Mail, Rabble)

2 CAUSE OF DEATH? A Canadian soldier has been found dead on her Afghanistan base, and combat action has been ruled out as a possible cause. Major Michelle Mendes is the 118 Canadian soldier to die in the current Afghanistan conflict. (CP/Toronto Star)

3 DO YOUR JOB, MR. HARPER Here's one from the "whose country are you working for, anyay?" file: A Canadian court has now ordered our government to intervene in the case of illegally detained Canadian national and former child soldier Omar Khadr. Editorializing alert: it's completely, completely despicable that our government sits on it's ass when a Canadian citizen is held without charge in a foreign concentration camp, and when that Canadian citizen was 15 years old at the time of his arrest...wow. Just, wow. Inexcusable. This government needs to go. (Toronto Star)

4 SNAPSHOTS OF TORTURE U.S. President Barack Obama's administration will release more photographs of prisoner abuse. Perhaps this is part of a cunning, calculated and blatantly political strategy to dodge accusations of bipartisanship with a lot of fancy talk about avoiding "retribution"while fuelling public anger at the the previous bastardocrocy? One can only hope. (Guardian, New York Times)

5 "MOST LAME SPIN EVER" An Alberta advertising campaign has been busted for using scenic photographs from...northeastern England? (Globe And Mail)

6 LIE, LIE, LIE, LIE, LIE A climate change-denying, pro-fossil fuel propoganda group's own scientists said global warming was real in 1995. (New York Times)