Watchmen Scoop

Guess this comix/superhero movie gets its DVD and Blu-Ray release tomorrow. Here's one scene that didn't make it into the theatre version but will be featured in Zack Snyder's director's cut. (College Humor)

Six In The Afternoon

So here's what's up:

1 STADIUM STUDY ANNOUNCED It's official (Leader-Post). I love the location and I love that they're talking about a retractable roof, which I think is critical. (It's not football in Regina if you can't hear the crowd cheering all ove the city). There are more important things to spend $350 million on, though. Should be an interesting story to follow.

2 BRITISH COLUMBIA RAIL SCANDAL GETTING UGLY The judge in the case about the shenaniganic privatization of BC Rail orders recently-reelected premier Gordon Campbell to turn over e-mails that may have been illegally deleted (Globe And Mail). Kind of makes the BC NDP look pretty good in retrospect. Don't you think?

3 BC BURNING In other BC news, hot, dry weather is making a bad forest fire situation worse. Yikes. (Toronto Star)

4 DITCHES IN A DRY LAND? Prairie lakes are dryer than usual, say experts. But the experts say they've been dryer in the past. Nevertheless, aieeeee (Globe and Mail).

5 AFN GEARS UP FOR ELECTION The Assembly of First Nations is preparing to elect a new leader (StarPhoenix). You know what would be cool? If everyone with a treaty card could vote, instead of just 633 chiefs.

6 I'M STILL BUMMED ABOUT WALTER So let's see what there is to read... well, here's a good, long blog post on the late Walter Cronkite in Salon by the always excellent Glenn Greenwald. And here's one in the Guardian. And here's one in the New York Times. And here's one in the Washington Post, by Tom Brokaw. And here's the Associated Press story, also in the Washington Post. And here's one more essay in the Huffington Post. And i have to get back to work now.

The Moon Landing, 40 Years Later

Forty years ago today, Neil Armstrong took his first steps on the moon. Thanks to the Dechene Family Moon Landing Archives (ie, a pile of newspapers in an old Zehrs bag) here are some pics from the Globe and Mail announcing the achievement. I do believe you can click on them to see larger versions...