AC/DC is coming to regina

Link here. Should be fun for fans. Fun's good. I approve of people having it. (Leader-Post)

But it's okay to listen to new music as well, right? Lots of Regina bands could benefit from some of the cash that will be chucked at this thing.

Here's a thought--how about a small ticket surcharge to collect some cash that could be reinvested in the local scene? If everyone who goes to this show at Taylor Field paid an extra $1.00 to some kind of City Arts Fund, that'd be like what, 32, 36 grand? Good seed money, eh? Help a few bands get rolling? improve the cultural infrastructure, fix up some older arts properties, etc? Build a better community? Anyone? Just a thought.

Billy Bob Thornton acts like a jerk on Q

I missed Q--the CBC Radio morning magazine hosted by Jian Ghomeshi--this a.m., but thanks to my laptop's Internet powers I was just able to catch the segment where an arrogant, self-important Billy Bob Thornton (henceforth BBT) embarrass himself, badly, during an interview.

BBT flips out about Jian bringing up his acting during the interview, which was about BBT's band, which nobody cares about.

My favourite quote is BBT rebuking Ghomeshi, who had, briefly, for context, mentioned that BBT is best known as an actor: "You were instructed not to bring that up," he says.

Well, fuck you, BBT.

I shouldn't say that. This is the great Bee Bee Tee. He's better than you, he's better than me.

You know, he could've been polite and gracious, and if his music is good, people would embraced it. But to act like this just proves that he's a dumb, unperceptive, egomaniacal, insecure and rude amateur who thinks he deserved to be treated differently than other, more accomplished musicians who've done a hell of a lot more to earn their attention.

(Then again, he mentions the late, great Forrest Ackerman's Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine, and that's pretty cool, if you're a nerd like me who knows what BBT's talking about).

But basically, BRB acts like an over-privileged, petulant little princess. He embarrasses himself with misdirected anger at a classy, talented radio host who also knows a hell of a lot more than he does about music. What an unprofessional asshole. He should apologize.

Watch a clip here:

And, just to show how a pro acts, here's a Q interview with another musician who's charming, personable, polite and engaging--and who deserves the attention:

Six in the Morning

1. HARPER MAKES TAR SANDS EXEC OUR "CLEAN ENERGY" ENVOY: Sparking outrage among environmentalist organizations, Harper has appointed Charlie Fischer, a former tar sands executive, to be Canada's representative in clean energy talks with the Obama administration. (DeSmog Blog)

2. ARCTIC ICE THINNER THAN EVER: Disturbing news out of NASA: their data reveals that the amount of thick sea ice in the arctic is smaller than ever. (Globe and Mail)

3. WINNIPEGGERS ON FLOOD ALERT: The first and highest crest of the Red River could reach Winnipeg today. (CBC)

4. TAXI FARES ON RISE: Regina's executive committee has recommended a fare increase for city taxicabs. The increase will be debated at the next council meeting. (Leader Post)

5. BEWARE BEEF BUG: An E-coli warning has been issued for Safeway beef in Saskatchewan. (Leader Post)

6. TEXAS AUDIENCE SEES SECRET TREK PREMIERE: Thinking they were going to see a screening of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, an audience in Austin actually got to see the new Star Trek film. Leonard Nimoy was in attendance. (SlashFilm)