Medical Isotopes

This came to our attention too late to be included in the listings for our Sept. 10 issue, but Sept. 23 at 7:30 p.m. at the Unitarian Centre (College Ave. & Angus St.) Dr. Dale Dewar, a board member of Physicians for Global Survival, will give a talk entitled Medical Isotopes--Are We Being Given All the Facts? The talk is sponsored by Clean Green Regina.

Rosie’s Top Six

1 EIN VOLK EIN REICH EIN WILD ROSE If Alberta politics drifted any further to the right, they'd demand the annexation of the Sudetenland. (Globe and Mail)

2 A COALITION GOVERNMENT We can't have a government where the socialists and the separatists have a de facto veto over everything we do! Stephen Harper even said so! (cbc.ca)

3 THE NUCELAR OPTION Earlier this summer, I had an off-the-record conversation with an academic who was moonlighting as a government advisor. It was good that the Sask. Party government was having a public debate – such as it was – over nuclear power, he said, because the NDP government was so frightened of exposing internal party divisions that they didn't want to talk about the issue at all. But the Sask. Party asking their friends' opinions about nuclear power is like a guy asking a whorehouse madam if he should get laid. (Leader-Post)

4 PATRICK SWAZE R.I.P. Death puts Baby's dance partner in a corner. (Reuters)

5 COUNCIL ELECTION I don't know much about Heather McIntyre, who's announced she will run in Ward 2 (my ward) in the upcoming city election, but she's in tough against Jocelyn Hutchinson (Sask. Party Regina South MLA Bill Hutchinson's wife and her immediate predecessor in the ward). But good luck to her. And some of the things she wants discussed – such as curbside recycling and more bicycle paths – should have been done long ago. (Leader-Post)

6 NO RIDER PRIDE AT THE CTF CJME's political bias is too ridiculous to take seriously, so it's going to be interesting to see John Gormley and his jackbooted producers try to get around this one. Apparently Canadian Taxpayer Federation press releases are run unedited as news at CJME, but in this case that may invoke the wrath of Rider Nation. (CJME) There's also another factor. There's some grumbling on the left side of Saskatchewan's political spectrum about a proposed new facility, mostly because of the political hypocrisy: the same Chamber of Commerce/CFIB/anti-tax politicians who would protest against hiking taxes for improving other public facilities – libraries, parks, swimming pools, skating arenas, community centres, fixing roads, sewer systems and other mechanical and social infrastructure – will totally reverse positions on that position when one of their favourite projects comes up but also use their opponents arguments – jobs created during construction, economic spinoffs – when promoting their favourite project. Not that there shouldn't be a discussion about replacing Taylor Field: I for one think it's had its day. But at what expense? And who benefits in the long run?