Apparently, preliminary scientific results don't support Canada's claim to have sovereignty over the North Pole. (MSN) Sounds like a bit of a clusterf***. But it's better than fighting over it, I guess, because we all know who would win that battle. (Top News)

More on the CanWest Death March

Bill Stovin's blog posts what has been the gossip around the journalistic water cooler in Regina: the L-P (or at least CanWest Global, its owners) is too broke to bring in its usual seven student journalists at half-pay (the U of R pays the other half). They're not the only media outlet to suffer hard times, but after seeing the latest L-P TV Times that ran with only one ad (from Old Fashioned Foods, who should REALLY be advertising with prairie dog) in the whole thing, I just wonder how much longer the paper will go on. I still think that the paper is profitable -- at least for now, because it seems to me that Regina's business tendencies run about five years behind the rest of the world's -- but if it's going to survive in the long term, it's got to be run in a way that the management isn't beholden to a future shorter than the next business quarter, and believes that people read newspapers -- not just look at the ads.