Egyptian Revival

If I was Brendan Fraser right now, I'd be afraid. Very afraid. (MSN)

Canwest Death Watch Continues

The Globe and Mail's business blog may not be the most unbiased source of information on Canwest's troubles, but I doubt Canwest would be just as forthcoming.

Read this blog, and if you work for Global Regina or the Leader Post, be worried. Very worried.

Tip of the cap to Ottawa Watch

Puppy In The Dog House! Awwwwww!

Meet Sasha, a one and half year-old shepherd-malamute who dropped by prairie dog today. Sasha, whose person is PD advertising consultant Blaine Masse, likes cheese and running on her treadmill but hates the editor's rolling chair (which makes scary noises).

So cute!
(edited, repeatedly, for spelling because I'm an idiot.)

For All You Watchman (And 80s Cartoons) Fans

I tried to post this apparently fan-made slice of hilarity last night but had trouble with the stupid "embed" function. Seems to be working now, so here you go. Truly a spectacular parody not of Watchman but of just how awful adaptations can be after they're extruded through focus groups and producer's tiny little pea brains. Enjoy.

(Originally found on Aint It Cool News)

Six in the (Still Just Barely) Morning

1. What's that Clucking in your Yard? Vancouver city council voted unanimously to direct staff to examine the feasibility of allowing backyard chicken coops in the city. (CBC)

2. Tory Tory's Sorry Story: Ontario Conservative Party leader, John Tory, is expected to step down after failing to win his riding in a by election. (CBC)

3. He's Been Slimed! Scotland Yard is investigating the sliming by environmental activists of UK business secretary, Peter Mandelson. (Guardian)

4. We Can't Handle the Truth! Another Republican has come out against the idea of investigating the Bush administration. (Huffington Post)

5. Galileo Gives History the Finger: One of Galileo's fingers is going to be on display in Italy. It's the only remaining piece of his body, and yes, it's the middle one. (Telegraph)

6. Who Watches the Watchmen? Soon, It'll Be Me! Watchmen is finally out, and here are the showtimes in Regina. (Warner Bros.)