Saturday Morning Moontoon

In honor 40th Anniversary of the moon launch, it's a moon themed cartoon this morning.

Universal Studios are turning the 1979 video game Asteroids into a feature film but they clearly aren't the first film company to try and adapt a video game. In 1982 Hanna-Barbera Productions made Pac-Man into a bizarre Saturday morning kids cartoon on ABC for two seasons. Shirley (The Partridge Family) Jones' lesser half, comedian Marty Ingels provided the voice for Pac-Man. The plots usually had to do with an evil Darth Vader looking villain employing ghosts that try to steal magic power pellets from Pac-Man and his people. In this episode they try and steal them from the planet Earth while on the Moon.

There was some messed up cartoons in the '80s.

And just because I've been dying to post this really cool trailer for movie Moon and this is probably the last chance I'll get - here it is. Directed by David Bowie's son Duncan Jones and starring Sam Rockwell as the only man working on a Moon base with only two weeks left in his three year stay. Naturally he starts cracking up. Very cool stuff. Of course it will never play anywhere near here.