Hilarious Media Smackdown at Values Voter Summit

Fair, and Unbalanced. Attendees at conservative christian rally go apeshit on MSNBC and Fox reporters.

Hat tips to Lisa Stretten.

Saturday Morning Cartoon

George Herriman's critically acclaimed Krazy Kat comic strip ran in newspapers from 1913 to 1944. The strip followed a bizarre love triangle between a cat of undetermined gender - the Krazy Kat of the strip - who was in love with Ignatz - a brick throwing mouse who hated Krazy Kat. Ignatz was constantly foiled by a protective police dog called Officer Bull Pup who was in love with Krazy Kat. And as early as 1916 there had been several animated cartoon versions of the cartoon out there.

The early 1916 cartoon's followed Herriman's strip fairly closely.

By the 1930's the characters looked and acted more like a certain popular mouse at the time.

These series of cartoons stopped by 1940. In 1962, a Czechoslovakian animation studio Rembrandt Films produced a new cartoon series for King Features that played on American TV. This series was once again closer to Herriman's original strips.

With over 100 animated cartoons made over the years not to mention the 30 years of strips printed in the newspapers - it's a shame that hardly anybody has ever heard of Krazy Kat.