Inglourious Basterds Is A Hoot

Saw it. Loved it. The film has problems and will definitely not be to everyone's taste. But if you liked the first trailer, you should like the movie. It's the same--witty, crude, offensive and schlocky--but longer and gorier. Truth in advertising for the win.

Speaking of long, I think it's something like two and a half hours. I could've handled four. And I think everyone I saw Inglorious Basterds with felt the same. The consensus complaint was, "I wanted more Nazi killin'!"

One friend said this will be a great movie to watch in a living room with copious amounts of beer. Yup.

Far from a great film but a blast to watch with pals on a Friday night. We'll have a full review by Jorge in next Thursday's paper.

Saturday Morning Cartoon

Way back in 1992, a bunch of comic book artists got together to form their own comic company called Image Comics. It was going to be free of the corporate greed and control that plagued the Big Two (Marvel & DC). They were going to create their own "original" super-heroes. Like former X-Men artist Jim Lee. He created a new super-hero team called WildC.A.T.S. (covert action team). Instead of drawing everybody's favorite X-men character Wolverine, who has claws in his hands, Lee created an entirely new super-hero. Warblade - who had claws for hands. Ah, the originality.

Being the early 1990's, the market was full of speculators out to make a quick buck and the company quickly became as big as - well - the Big Two. And natural they all tried to cash in as much as possible, thus in 1994 WildC.A.T.S. became an animated Saturday morning cartoon on CBS. It only lasted 13 episodes. Recently somebody lent me the complete series on DVD and I have to say it has the worst (best?) theme song ever written for a cartoon.

Remember - they're heroes, not zeroes.