Friday Afternoon Kitty!

Special Siamese cat edition. Siamese being the cats that never shut up.



Also loud!


Also cute!

Road trip!

Um, okay... that's annoying...

But that's cute. Come on, just pick the poor guy up!

Please, please, pick him up!

There. All better. Just needed attention.

Six In The Morning

1 JEAN BELIVEAU HOSPITALIZED The legendary and beloved Montreal Canadians superhero has had a serious stroke. The Montreal Gazette has the story here.

2 LAYTON PROMISES PROROGUE ACTION, HARPER WARNS CUTS ARE COMING Read about it here and here. as for the cuts, Stephen Harper's government recklessly slashed taxes and that's hurt the public sectors ability to do anything. (Globe And Mail)

3 INTERESTED IN THE U.S. HEALTH CARE WARS AND THE MASSACHUSETTS ELECTION FALLOUT? I thought this piece in Salon had an interesting perspective. Salon also has a decent article on Obama's sudden big bank smackdown; you can read that here. And since I seem to be on a Salon kick this morning, here's a link to a bunch of Glenn Greenwald blog posts. Greenwald's a fantastic writer on American issues and definitely worth your time.

4 FIRST NATION TIRED OF POLICE PROBLEMS The Moosimin First Nation needs better support from the RCMP, say its leaders. (CBC)

5 PAT FIACCO INVITES MASS OF MAYORS TO REGINA Yup, great idea. Looking forward to this. (Leader-Post)

6 ROB VANSTONE LIKES THE NEW RIDER GM Form your own opinions accordingly. (Leader-Post)

Pick of the Day: Colin James

So, a busy night on the music scene. There's not one, not two, but three relatively high-profile gigs happening tonight. First off, local funk-rock favourites the nancy ray-guns are playing O'Hanlon's Pub. They'll be backed up by the Winnipeg band The Perms.

Then at the Casino, you've got former '60s sensation Chubby Checker who popularized the dance craze known as The Twist with his cover of Hank Ballard's r & b hit of the same name. People sure were wacky back then, weren't they? "C'mon baby, let's do the twist." Still, Chubby Checker is 68, and he's still bringing it, despite his much documented apparently virtually life-long battle battle with the bulge.

Finally, we have Colin James at Conexus Arts Centre. Blues, rock, big band, the Regina-born James draws on a lot of different influences. And the CAC is the perfect venue for him. Here's video of him performing his 1988 hit "Voodoo Thing".

If your taste in art runs more to visual than auditory, the MacKenzie Art Gallery is hosting an opening and artist talk for Joan Scaglione's installation of of cedar boats Ribs of Sky, Ribs of Stone tonight at 7:30 p.m.