Coming soon, I predict, iPhone Gas Chamber (MSN)


This book might be worth checking out, if only to confirm my worst fears (as far as Canadian politics go). (Ottawa Sun)

billy bob verses jian: subtitles of hate

It's old news now, but Dog Blog follower Peakay just sent me a link to this too funny not to share video. It's the infamous Billy Bob Thornton Q interview (previously blogged about here), subtitled by Cracked blogger Michael Swaim. Warning: includes naughty language.

UPDATE: The embed is only filling up half the screen, for some reason, crap, so here's a link guaranteed to work. Pretty funny and worth the click.

UPDATE 2: Paul Dechen claims to have fixed it. Unfortunately this had made him boastful, but what can you do?

Saturday Morning

Breaking with the format a bit this week. Instead of a cartoon, here's some classic Canadian Saturday morning live-action fare, The Hilarious House of Frightenstein!

As far as I can tell, there's yet to be a definitive DVD release -- one that's comprehensive and complete. Instead we've been given boxed sets of "select" episodes that have been chopped up and truncated. Now maybe, for some, that's all the Frightenstein they can handle. But this, IMHO, is a pretty important part of Canadian television history and deserves full preservation.

Apparently, one of the problems holding up such a release is the show's use of songs. Specifically in the Wolfman segments. Seems many of the songs that were spun on EECH Radio wouldn't have been had they had to get past today's more rigid intellectual property laws -- most notable among them, the segments intro bit, Sly and the Family Stone's "I Want to Take You Higher".

Once again, copyright sucks a little joy out of the world.

More info on The Hilarious House of Frightenstein at wikipedia (of course) and on this fansite.