Ernie would never put Baby in the corner...

Since there have been quite a few cute animals sneaking into the pages of prairie dog lately, I thought I would sneak in just one more.

This photo is one of the outtakes from the last Street Wear shoot, with Ernie Malbeuf and Baby the cat. I later found out that Ernie and Baby often spend their days like this, you know...just hanging out..playing video games.

Six in the Morning

1. ROAD RAGE: Perhaps you've heard about the bizarre automobile "accident" in which motorist and former Attorney General of Ontario, Michael Bryant, killed bike courier Darcy Allan Sheppard? Details are still sketchy but the usual smear campaign against cyclists has begun. "Sheppard was drunk." "Sheppard was violent." "Cyclists never follow the rules of the road anyway." But setting aside the question of what precipitated this incident, it seems the real question here is what's a reasonable scale of response to a conflict. Look, unless you're a TJ Hooker villain, you can't solve your problems by driving really fast on the sidewalk with someone on the hood of your car and try to scrape them off. Incidentally, last I heard, this is still being investigated by traffic cops and not murder police. (Globe and Mail)

2. SK 2 BAN TXTNG & DRVNG: I've neither a car nor a cell phone, but have nearly been hit a couple times by people using both of these at the same time, so I'm pretty happy to hear this. (Leader Post)

3. CUPE COMPLAINT DISMISSED: In addressing a complaint by the Canadian Union of Public Employees, the Labour Relations Board has found the Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations is not guilty of bargaining in bad faith. (Leader Post)

4. BIG OIL FIND: BP has made an oil discovery in the Gulf of Mexico that could amount to billions of barrels. The find was in the deep waters of Keathley Canyon. Yeah, that ought to be cheap to extract. (Globe and Mail)

5. THAT CLIMATE CHANGE PROBLEM CAN WAIT, RIGHT? Obama's climate change bill is facing new delays. (Guardian)

6. NOT SO GREEN BUILDINGS: Turns out some buildings that get LEED certification during construction may not be so energy efficient once they're in use. (New York Times)