Funding Coming for Regina's Recreation Infrastructure

Went to a press conference at the YMCA today. It was organized to announce infrastructure funding for recreation infrastructure in Regina. Money will be coming from the federal government to the tune of $1,523,666 with a matching amount coming from the provincial government.

Projects to be seeing some of this cash include the downtown YMCA which will have it's reception area and men's locker room rebuilt; improvements to the Broad Street pedestrian bridge and trail; upgrades to the accessible playground at the Wascana Rehabilitation Centre and to Candy Cane Park; the installation of artificial turf, lighting and a multi-purpose support facility for Leibel Field.

Additional funds for these projects will be coming from the City of Regina ($3,000,000 for Leibel Field), the Wascana Centre Authority ($563,668 split between the Broad Street pedestrian improvements and the parks) and the YMCA ($666,754 for their facility improvements).

The total amount of infrastructure funding coming from all sources is $5,777,754.

Making the announcement were MP Andrew Scheer, MLA Bill Hutchinson and Regina mayor Pat Fiacco.

It's hard to find something grumpy and critical to say about the announcement. (Not that I feel obliged to say something grumpy every time the Conservatives fork out some cash.) Regina's rec infrastructure is in serious need of support and I think I can safely say I'm a fan of money going into making the city more walkable and more accessible. Mind you, it would be nice to see some of the cash coming from the Conservative's Economic Action Plan eventually make its way towards Regina's similarly under-funded arts infrastructure. Or -- and this is an even bigger priority -- some support for our crumbling rental housing market would also be welcome.

Beyond that, all in all, a good news event for Regina.

On a personal note, I brought my daughter along to the Y to witness all this. It was her first press conference. I don't think she enjoyed it very much.

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