Trost For The Mill

Here's a couple more pieces in the Globe And Mail on the Toronto Pride funding fallout fiasco. First, we've got a Canadian Press article by Jennifer Ditchburn with the director of Montreal's annual pride festival, who says they've actually been funded more reasonably since the Tories took office. The story suggests that Brad Trost's troglodytic ilk are much more isolated in caucus than angry people (like me) think.

Next up, we have this piece that Paul Dechene told me to read, by the Globe's Adam Radwanski. Radwanski's blog lays out how the Conservatives have probably annoyed both social conservative supporters and normal people who aren't crazy (Radwanski calls these "social liberals") and might have been supporters. it's a good read too, and it links to yet more reads.

There you go, that's enough from me for a while.

Everybody (named Murdoch, in this case) Wants To Rule The World

One of my favourite non-Connery James Bond movies (YouTube) is Tomorrow Never Dies (James Bond Wiki). Seems as though Rupert Murdoch is a real-life Elliot Carver (Huffington Post).

Six In The Morning

1 BUT HOW DOES TOONTOWN FEEL ABOUT THIS? Research reactors: the University of Saskatchewan and the provincial government want one. (StarPhoenix). Not sure about this at all. I fully recognize how this proposed reactor will be used politically to advance the case for an expensive, wasteful, unsustainable and evil full-scale reactor. But Premier Brad Wall uttured one sentence of interest: "Governments should be involved in pure research. I think that's one of the ways we can diversify our economy away from relying on commodities." Well, uh... yes.

2 TWO DEGREES OF SEPARATION World leaders announce a limit on how much the climate can be allowed to change (Globe And Mail). Quick, someone notify Saskatchewan's climate change deniers--there's socialism afoot! Oh wait, Kate's got it covered. Phew. (smalldeadanimals)

3 RIOTS, RIOTS EVERYWHERE More unrest in Iran, unhappiness in Urumqi, plus bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan. Fun! (Guardian)

4 HARPER'S HOOLIGANS REVIEW FUNDING The flap over $400K directed at Toronto's Pride Festival keeps on flapping. (Toronto Star) Some jerk-off Tories (like Saskatchewan MP Brad "Most of the caucus is still strongly pro-traditional marriage" Trost) and their supporters remain agitated about the funding. But as a smart guy I know puts it, "you find me another festival in Canada that attracts a million people and doesn't get government funding."

5 NO MO' BUFFALO Regina's exhibition has announced an awkward "over the next year or two" phase-in rebranding of their event, which will be called Queen City Ex down the road (Leader-Post). But why is this even remotely interesting? Because the old name honoured Saskatchewan's rural, agrarian roots while the new moniker speaks to the urban experience--which is how the majority of us now experience life in the province. Saskatchewan has changed.

6 NO SPECIAL DAY FOR SHANNON TWEED Awww. My inner 13-year-old is heartbroken. (CBC)