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Do not panic, do not run to your basement. This is only a test.

Filling The Other House

Neurotics build castles in the sky; psychotics move into them.

Renters Beware: Vacancies Down, Rents Up (Way Up)

The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation just released their 2008 Rental Market Reports for Saskatchewan. (You'll have to subscribe to get the free pdfs.) Things are looking pretty bad for Regina.

In the Queen City, the citywide vacancy rate is presently 0.5%, which is a 10-year low. (Down from last year's already very tight 1.7%.) Zones of note include the central zone which sits at 0.5% and the university area which is a grim 0.1%.

Rental rates have increased on average by $87 a month.

Up until now, city hall has been basing its decision making on the old figures, so it'll be interesting to see how this survey changes things in the days to come. A major shift in housing strategy maybe?

On the up side, the CMHC is predicting the citywide rate to go up next year as in-migration slows, but only to 1.2%.

In Saskatoon, meanwhile, things look a tiny bit better on the vacancy front. The citywide vacancy rate increased to 1.9% this year up from 0.6% last. This was achieved, however, while rental rates shot up by $129 monthly.

Iggy It Is II

Further to my speculations from yesterday, found out the conservatives sent out this fundraising email calling for party members to make emergency $100 and $200 donations to help the conservatives crack the coalition.

Apparently, the missive was written by Doug Finlay, the Conservative's National Campaign Chair. He writes:

"In yet another stunning and unprecedented demonstration of Liberal contempt for our democratic rights, they've decided to appoint a new leader in his place.

"Not only was the Liberal/NDP/Bloc Coalition not elected to govern this country , but the person who would become Canada's Prime Minister wasn't even the leader of a federal party during the last election and may not even be elected by the Liberal (or any) party's membership .

"The Liberals have decided to parachute Michael Ignatieff into the position of Prime Minister, and one thing is clear: Canadians didn't elect this coalition to form a government , and they most certainly didn't elect Michael Ignatieff as Prime Minister.