More B.S.

Freelance writers are notorious for recycling material. So I'm going to take my Feb. 26 Ask Greg addressing all the fuss over Jessica Simpson's rumoured weight gain and convert it into a blog post on accusations that have been levelled against Britney Spears following the debut of her new Circus tour in New Orleans the other night that she's put on a pound or ten (InMusic). To make this work, all you have to do is re-read the column, and every time you encounter Jessica's name just substitute Britney's. Oh yeah, and instead of 34Ds it should be 38Cs.

This Week at City Hall

No time to scan the meeting agendas right now but I'll try and get back and add in highlights later. So, in short:

Monday, Mar 9
Regina Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee (12:15 pm)
City Council Meeting (5:30 pm)

Wednesday, Mar 11
Regina Planning Commission (4 pm)
Paratransit Advisory Board (5:30 pm)

Of course, if you're on tenterhooks to find out what these meetings are all about, you can read the agendas yourself and even all the relevant reports by clicking your way to the city's website.

Six In The Morning

Coming at you like a hurricane of facts and fury:

1 CUT, CUT, CUT Canadian autoworkers will vote on a plan to slash their wages and, more horribly, pensions to retired autoworkers after the Conservative minority federal government blackmailed them into taking cuts as "survivability" test for the auto industry. That kaboom you hear as you sip your Monday morning coffee? SFL leader Larry Hubich's head exploding. (Toronto Star, Larry Hubich's blog)

2 BACK TO BUSINESS King Ignatieff of the federal Liberals retrofits his party after last fall's failure at the polls. Dion's shade of green was so gaudy, anyway. (Toronto Star)

3 LA LA LA LA, I CAN'T HEAR YOU Speaking of un-greening, the Czech Republic just branded itself as a climate-change denying backwater when it's douchebag president addressed the world's largest convention of hacks, hucksters and freelance corporate apologists, including busybody Canadian denier Ross McItrick. You'd think with economies tanking and the north pole melting this wouldn't be the right time to share your anti-scientific claptrap and delusions of free market infallibility, but give these evil dorks points for consistency. (The Guardian)

4 FIFTY YEARS OF BARBIE The children's doll with the proportions of a breast-implanted sexbot turns 50 today (LA Times).

5 THREE YEARS Not really Monday news since the sentence came down Friday afternoon, but Christopher Pauchay, guilty of criminal negligience, is heading back to jail. (CBC)

6 THAT THING IS SMALLLLL The Leader-Post publishes a 28-page Monday edition. Prairie dog's in-house L-P archivist says that's the smallest he's ever seen the Monday paper. Not sure how a newspaper that puny is good for democracy and informed citizenry; prairie dog can't cover everything you know. Well, at least not yet.