Roger Ebert's Opinion of Bill O'Reilly

This is a bit of old news but it's still some interesting reading. Amidst all the hoopla surrounding that murdering nutcase who may have influenced by Bill O'Reilly's opinions. Roger Ebert weighed in with his own opinion of Bill's attempts at journalism and compares him to a schoolyard bully.

"O'Reilly insists he is dealing only with the truth. When his guests disagree with him, he shouts at them, calls them liars, talks over them, and behaves like a schoolyard bully."

Sarah Palin Steps Down

Ooooh Noo000! After much prayer and consideration, Sarah Palin has stepped down as governor of Alaska. Yootoob of her speech here -- worth a look-see: basket-ball, lame ducks, efficiencies,  Triggs, Kosovo, General McArthur, climate change.... It's a doozy! And she just won a prize! (UPI)

Friday Afternoon Kitty!

This is nicked from icanhascheezeburger.com, so maybe that should be "kitteh". Anyway:

That's called working for your meal. Infinitely more Lolcats fromage here. Come on, you know you love it.

Six In The Morning

1 PANDERING TO THE BIGOTS Critics are going to say the Sask. Party government just revealed its true, bigoted colours--and they ain't no rainbow. Our justice minister, Don Morgan, has embarrassed our province nationally by asking Provincial court to allow marriage commissioners to refuse to marry same sex couples. Yep, substitute "mixed race" for "same sex" and you'll see why this is a problem. Hey marriage commissioners: if you can't do your job, QUIT. Or become a priest, reverend or whatever in a church where your bigotry has a time-honoured religious exemption. (Globe And Mail)

2 IRAN TO PUT BRITTISH EMBASSY STAFF ON TRIAL? Murder, torture, rape, beatings, general repression and now this. That country is run by douchebags. I look forward to young, educated, supercool Iranians eventually regaining control of their wayward nation. Its current leaders are nasty, stupid and clueless. Turf 'em. (New York Times)

3 CANADIANS FALLING BEHIND ON PAYMENTS A half-million of us are 90 days or more overdue on our bills. Yikes. (Toronto Star)

4 DROUGHT We've got one going on. Mentioned it yesterday, here's more today. (StarPhoenix)

5 BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOUR RACIST CRAP A Regina war memorial that was recently vandalized is getting a security camera. Good, says me. (Leader-Post)

6 KICKOFF! The Riders open their season at home tonight against the evil, wicked BC Lions. I've heard the Lions eat kittens and punch puppies and push your grandmother around. And they steal schoolchildren's lunch money and smoke cigarettes in the hallway. These guys would totally drink your beer if you turned your back for a second. Wow, I sure hope the Riders beat them--what a bunch of jerks. (Leader-Post).

New Dog!

Cover by Myron Campbell, notsosimpleton.com

It's out there somewhere. I haven't even seen it but I know it exists. But unlike bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, space-alien earth-tourists and that dinosaur I really, really, really wish lived in the Congo, the new prairie dog is not only 100 per cent confirmed real, it's something everyone will be able to see, touch and read later today.
So what's in it?

SWINE FLU! This edition has so much info about swine flu you can literally* build up a resistence to the virus just by touching its pages. The gang--that would be Greg Beatty, Stephen LaRose, Carle Steel and Paul Dechene write about the history, science, politics, culture and media coverage of pandemics. The whole thing is illustrated by Myron Campbell, who. Is. Awesome.

CONDO CRAZINESS AND APARTMENTS IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE We have a housing/rental crisis in this city, which the City's politicians have exacerbated with too many "free market anything goes" decisions over the years. Somehow we've got to the point where approving an apartment complex that's halfway to Moosimin is considered a positive development.

FARRAH AND MICHAEL ARE DEAD So are Ed McMahon, Billy Mays and Karl Malden but we didn't write about them. Carle and Emily Zimmerman share their interesting thoughts on the two deceased celebrities we do care about.

PLUS MORE, MORE, MORE! Reports on the new plan for Victoria Park and on Bill 80, which changes the way construction unions negotiate, are unionized and are decertified; A very quick glance at the City's new no-livestock law and more on Iran from Gwynne Dyer; David Suzuki on sustainable seafood; Rosie on the prospect of the end of Taylor Field and a humoungous Street Wear column on the entire Regina Folk Fest staff; and arts stories on the Fringe Festival, Black Francis and the horrible, horrible new Transformers movie. And we've got the usual stuff: Ask Greg (about Kindles), Queen City Confidential, a slew of Top Sixes, NewsQuirks (also illustrated by Myron), letters to the editor, corrections about all the stuff we screwed up last issue, two weeks of events listings, CD reviews and, because I'm tired of typing, "more"!
Yup it's a gooder, pick 'er up.