Pick of the Day: The Rusty Augers

Yeah, I know it says in the Live Music listings in our Dec. 31 paper that The Rusy Augers are playing at Bushwakker tonight. But that's a boo-boo. See, listings info for the gig came in late, Christmas threw a wrench into our production schedule so we were rushing to get things done, I gave the listing to our designer late Monday to add in manually and he must have mis-read my hand-writing and I didn't discover the error until after the paper had been sent to the printer around 3 a.m. Tuesday morning so ...

Besides, as anyone with half a brain who was even remotely familiar with the south Saskatchewan music scene would hopefully realize, it's the Rusty Augers who are playing at Bushwakker. They're a country-rock ensemble based out of Moose Jaw. Here's video of them doing their song "Paint the Town Red".

Also tonight, the RPL Theatre has a free screening of the documentary Pig Business at 7 p.m. It's by Brit Tracey Worcester, and explores the negative impact of mega-pig farms on human health, rural communties and the environment. The RCMP Heritage Centre is also kicking off its 2010 Speakers' Series with a talk by Sgt. Steve George about his peacekeeping experience in Kosovo at 7 p.m. For more info, call 522-7333. Finally, the first installment of Combat Improv for 2010 is on at the Exchange.