Daily Moon: Walter Cronkite Memorial Edition

Back from Saskatoon! Good to be home.

Well, it's a little rah-rah-U.S.A.! for my tastes but I always liked newsman Walter Cronkite, who passed away yesterday so what the hell. Here's 90 seconds of Cronkite reflecting on his coverage of the moon landing, ripped from the youtoob.

Dechene mentioned something special he's got so I'm hoping he'll put that up as tomorrow's Daily Moon. We'll see!

This Week at City Hall

In Maclean's recent ranking of best and worst-run Canadian cities, Regina received an awfully mediocre score. Now, there's a fair bit of bad blood between this town and Maclean's gang of merry statisticians. But there is an easy way to test the validity of this latest slur against our fair burg: come on down to city hall and see how things actually run. Here's what's going on this week...

Monday, July 20
City Council (5:30 pm): Considering a partnership with the RPL to relocate the Prince of Wales Branch into the Core Ritchie Neighbourhood Centre, a proposed renovation for St Paul's Cathedral, two condo conversions which were referred back to administration at the last council meeting, a tax abatement for Restwell Mattresses, the new city hall cafeteria agreement, and more. Of note is a request from Councillor Fougere to review the city's pest control program with a focus on looking at how to better control our gopher problem, and a request from Councillor Hincks to review ways to improve the city's bike path network.

Tuesday July 21
Board of Police Commissioners (9:00 am): Reviewing crime statistics for May. Once again, crimes against people are up over last year (+12.9 per cent since May of 2008) while crimes against property are down (-13.9 per cent since May of 2008). For the record, on that Maclean's ranking, we scored well on safety and protection, coming in fifth place. The board will also be reviewing 13 letters of appreciation received by the RPS.
Community Services Advisory Committee (5:30 pm): Going over meeting times for 2009.

As always, complete meeting agendas and reports can be downloaded off the city's website.