Friday Afternoon Kitty!

Here's what one critic had to say about last week's Friday Afternoon Kitty:

"Terrible! It was terrible, terrible, terrible! And It's not just me who thinks that. I know four people who hated it: a three-year-old, a six-year-old, a 43-year-old and however old I am."

Well I guess that proves Benny Hill bombs across demographics. Would not have guessed.

Hopefully this week's cute kitty will be more pleasing to everyone, whether they're three or 43. (Warning: this cartoon contains violence, gore, murder, naughty language and adult toilet situations, and three-year-olds should not watch it under any circumstances.)

Detective Mittens -The Crime Solving Cat
by vegetaananas

Plenty more awfulness at FilmCow, including some merch if you want to support the creators who give this stuff to the alterwebs without any guarantee they'll make any money doing it.

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