Not Cool

Where's Harvey Milk when you need him (or, at least, the Russian equivalent)? (MSN)

Neanderthal Man: Delicious And Nutritious!

I guess I'm not surprised. Recently discovered Neanderthal fossil remains suggest the species--which vanished 30 thousand years ago--might have been eaten to extinction. By the ancestors of modern humans. Hooray for us, we won. Go team homo sapien. Yay.

You can read the full story here, in the Guardian.

(Photo is from Quest for Fire, 1981)

Saturday Morning Cartoon

Fun little cartoon, really popular a few years back. It's all girl-powery and shit, and the villains (especially the creepy lobster-clawed devil drag queen) are neato.

If you want to see something really weird and awesome, google-up the PPG series finale, "See Me Feel Me Gnomey", which was apparently never shown in the States because Americans are a buncha weenies afraid of bizarre yet fascinating animated rock opera.

Or alternately I guess I could just give you a link...