Re: The Banana Splits

For anyone who read my Doodlebops blurb in the 14 Days Top Six of the March 12 issue (pp. 20) here's some info on The Banana Splits (Wikipedia) (YouTube). Mind-expanding stuff, at least for a pre-teen living in Whitmore Park in South Regina.

13th Ave to be Rebuilt

At last night's Cathedral Area Community Association annual general meeting, Councillor Fred Clipsham announced that this summer 13th Avenue -- the street itself -- will be dug up and rebuilt. Sounds like it'll be more than just a resurfacing job. The plan is to dig up the entire roadbed -- the sidewalks will also likely get redone -- and then build a spiff new avenue. Once completed, 13th Ave will sport something that Regina cyclists have been longing for: bikelanes. Also, the drainage should be improved which means this might be the last winter of mini-skating rinks at major intersections along that street.

Work will not start until after the conclusion of the Cathedral Village Arts Festival.

Exciting News!

It's a busy day in Saskatchewan but you wouldn't know it from the way this alleged journalist is sitting on his ass in front of this screen. Stephen Whitworth is not a morning person but publisher Terry Morash has cast him as one in this sitcom called prairie dog.

Even worse, the coffee is too hot and I burned my lips.


News item #1: Gregory Beatty is at the legislature covering the budget proceedings. I suspect he is once again going dressed like a hobo. Greg is punk.

News item #2: Paul Dechene will be along with a post this a.m. following up yesterday's controversy on Canada's christian, evolution-averse science minister. [update: that post went up as I was typing this.] As with yesterday's post on the topic, there will be an illustration. Puty likes to draw dinosaurs.

News item #3: Next week, Dog Blog gets a new look, courtesy prairie dog designer Alex Whyte. I have seen it. It is good. No more cookie-cutter template for us. Exciting!

Six in the Morning

1. SCIENCE MINISTER NOT A CREATIONIST TWIT? In a CTV interview, Gary Goodyear clarified his stance on evolution saying that of course he believes in it. He followed that up with:

"We are evolving, every year, every decade. That’s a fact. Whether it’s to the intensity of the sun, whether it’s to, as a chiropractor, walking on cement versus anything else, whether it’s running shoes or high heels, of course, we are evolving to our environment. But that’s not relevant. And that’s why I refused to answer the question."
Every year and decade? So fast. Who knew? Paul Wells' quip is probably the definitive one on this. More on the story as it evolves. (Globe and Mail)

2. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE TABLES NEW HOUSING POLICY: Regina's executive committee will not make a decision on a new housing incentives policy until after they've seen what's in today's provincial budget. The policy would provide tax incentives for new multi-family dwellings and per-unit grants for new affordable housing. The committee did, however, approve funding commensurate with this policy for three affordable housing projects presently underway: a good sign there's support for the policy on the committee. (Leader Post)

3. HARPER DELUDED ABOUT CANADA'S RECOVERY PROSPECTS: A year after leaving his post as Bank of Canada governor, David Dodge is saying the current economic crisis is going to be long and deep, it will fundamentally alter the nature of capitalism, and Harper's claim this country will have a fast turn around is "unrealistic." (Globe and Mail)

4. CONSERVATIVES CONSPIRE TO INFILTRATE STUDENT GOVERNMENT: Tapes reveal the Ontario Progressive Conservative Campus Association is putting together front organizations with an eye to getting their members into student governments. Their ultimate goal? Among other things, defunding left-leaning groups like OPIRG. (rabble.ca)

5. IBM TO BUY SUN, WILL MOON BE NEXT? IBM is rumoured to be planning a $6.5 billion takeover of troubled server-maker, Sun Microsystems. (Guardian)

6. PRINT IS DEAD IN SEATTLE: The Seattle Post Intelligencer printed its last edition yesterday and moved its operation online. Some incorrigible wiseacre made a cheeky modification to an office wall on his last day. (Gawker)