Six in the Morning

1. U.S. SQUASHING PEAK OIL INFORMATION: A whistle blower in the International Energy Agency says the group has been downplaying signs that oil production has peaked and overestimating oil reserves because of pressure from US officials. (Guardian)

2. SCIENTOLOGY FACING TORTURE ALLEGATIONS: The Australian prime minister is contemplating launching an investigation into the activities of the Church of Scientology after a senator brings forward allegations that the church has been involved in forced abortions, assault, torture, imprisonment, covering up sexual abuse, embezzlement of church funds and blackmail

3. NATIONAL POST ADMITS CLIMATE CHANGE REAL: Mitchell Anderson at Desmogblog points out that the near-bankrupt National Post has finally, through an editorial, admitted that climate change is real, people are causing it and that it could be a danger to the planet. Of course, they go on to argue that despite all this we shouldn't do anything about climate change because the plans brought forward so far sound too much like socialism. (National Post via Desmogblog)

4. ATOM SMASHER GOOD TO GO: Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider are getting ready to flick the switch and start up their problem-plagued experiment again. (Guardian)

5. G20 MEETING MOVES: Harper plans to move the G20 meeting from the Muskoka region to Toronto. (Globe and Mail)

6. KISS DRUMMER IN BREAST CANCER SCARE: Peter Criss -- Kiss' Cat Man behind the drumkig -- tells of how in 2007 he discovered he had breast cancer. (Globe and Mail)

Pick of the Day: Alex Cuba Band

I caught Alex Cuba's gig at the Exchange last October as part of the Regina Folk Festival's concert series. An ass-shaking good time was had then, and another is guaranteed tonight as the master practitioner of jazz fusion returns to the Exchange, again as part of the RFF's concert series.

Born Alexis Puentes in Cuba in 1974, Cuba took the stage name Alex Cuba in 1999 after moving to Canada following his marriage to a Canadian. Possessor of two Junos for Best World Music Album for Humo De Tobaco (2006) and Agua del Pozo (2008), Cuba released a third self-titled album earlier this year. He also co-wrote and recorded a duet with Nelly Furtado called "Mi Plan" which ended up being the title track on her new album.

Backing up Alex Cuba tonight is Andy Shauf. Here's video of Cuba and his band performing the song "Dime Si Despues" (YouTube)