Why Is No One Submitting Any Queen City Confidentials?

All right, what's going on? Not only do we not have any entries for the Typo Wiener contest but I'm still looking* for a Queen City Confidential. You know about Queen City Confidential, right? Regina's funnest place to rant in print? Whaaat? You don't? You guys. Check out page 36 of the current issue. And, in case you're too busy to do that, here's the dealie on it: Queen City Confidential is an open forum for prairie dog readers to share their feelings on any topic — we suggest failed romances, trivial pet peeves and secret messages to friends. E-mail short little burps of inspiration to confidential@prairiedogmag.com (type CONFIDENTIAL in the subject field so I don't miss your e-mail). No libel, no vendettas, no gossip, no bullshit and NO ESSAYS (100-200 words), but I will even consider printing poetry as long as it's interesting to read and it doesn't have to be formatted in any special way.

Queen City Confidential contributors will of course remain strictly anonymous.

*Actually I have two in, but they're both kind of short and involve traffic complaints. I'm TIRED of QCC's complaining about traffic.

Why Has Everybody Stopped Entering My Typo Wiener Contest?

It can't possibly be that we're not printing any typos these days. Can it? Or do people just not want to win $10 and a nifty Typo Wiener t-shirt (black, cool-looking and printed on American Apparel 100% organic cotton)? Well, tell you what: This issue, and this issue ONLY, I'll extend the deadline to tomorrow, Thursday, at 5:00 p.m. Send in your typo by then and you could win (I'll pick my favourite)! And if you've forgotten the rules, they're on page 33 of the current issue. And yes, typos must be in the print edition. We don't copy edti this blolg.

Six at Night

1. HARPER AND OBAMA MEETING SAVES THE WORLD: The world of hockey, that is. They met for 90 minutes and the only thing of substance they accomplish is to come close to resolving a charter flight issue that was threatening to hinder the upcoming NHL season. (Globe and Mail)

2. NDP FLINCHES: Layton sent his deputy, Thomas Mulcair, out to inform the press that the NDP intends to prop up Harper's ailing government. Thus ends this latest game of electoral chicken which the NDP just lost. (Globe and Mail)

3. SASK PARTY SLOWS DOWN NUKE POWER PLANS: Citing concerns of Saskatchewan citizens, resources minister, Bill Boyd, says the provincial government is taking its foot of the accelerator as far as bringing a nuclear reactor to the province goes. (Leader Post)

4. EX-PREZ SAYS OBAMA HATERS RACIST: Former president, Jimmy Carter, argues the attacks against Obama are largely inspired by racism. (Guardian)

5. BC FOREST SPEWING CO2: Thanks to the mountain pine beetle epidemic plaguing the province, the amount of CO2 released from dead and dying trees now overwhelms the amount being absorbed by living trees. (Progressive Economics Forum)

6. U.S. WILL TRY TO WATER DOWN CO2 TREATY: In advance of a UN climate change summit in Copenhagen, sources in the EU negotiating team say rifts are developing between them and the Americans. (Guardian)

Golden Years?

Pursuant to the feature article in our Sept. 10 Fall Arts & Culture Guide on the underappreciated role of artists in our society, a group of arts organizations are conducting a series of information gathering sessions across the country on how to better serve the needs of senior artists. Because of chronic neglect for the arts over the decades, many seniors who have made major contributions to building and enriching our cultural fabric do not enjoy the same level of comfort and security as other seniors as they approach retirement age. Sessions will be held at the Mendel Art Gallery in Saskatoon on Oct. 1 from 7-9 p.m. and the MacKenzie Art Gallery in Regina on Oct. 2 from 2-4 p.m. to gather input from artists 60 years and older. For more info, check out this website. (Hill Strategies Research)

This Week at City Hall

Wednesday, September 16
Executive Committee (11:45 am): Considering a request fo $20,000 for Special Events Regina, an organization created in 2008 to boost event tourism to our city. Also considering a request for $25,000 for the National Aboriginal Awards Gala.

Thursday, September 17
Arts Advisory Committee (7:00 pm): Considering meeting dates and times.

Friday, September 18
Regina Planning Commission (11:45 am): This is a special meeting called specifically to deal with the Downtown Neighbourhood Plan and the application to build a condo/hotel complex on the site of the Plains Hotel. Should be a pretty interesting meeting, so if you're going to go to one city hall thing this week, I'd pick this one.

As always, meeting agendas and reports can be found on the city's website.

Go Ahead and Die!

Here's another humorous (and incisive) look at the U.S health care system courtesy the Austin Lounge Lizards. (YouTube)

(Not-So) New Dog!

Cover by Alex Whyte

This post is supposed to go up the day the newest prairie dog comes out but as you might recall from all my blog-whining last week, I've been sick. Still moving slowly, actually. Like even slower than usual, I mean. Annnnnnnnnnnyway, the new issue is out and if you haven't picked it up yet you should RIGHT NOW--it's pretty good. Here's a short outline of what you'll find inside:

BACK TO SCHOOL It's our annual collection of bossy essays to university-bound kids, this year featuring rhyming, Seussian verse and fun drawer-rings. Topics include how to drink, how to eat, how to think, how to screw and how to not be an asshole. We've also got a huge feature on the urban planning /economic development /housing issues around surburban campuses and why downtown schools are probably better which is a moot point in this town since the U of R isn't going anywhere. yeah, that's the long-winded part.

FALL ARTS GUIDE Two humongous features in one issue! This year's feature is about how everyone takes the arts for granted despite their measureable economic impact; much like the way the unpaid labour of a different era's housewive's was unnappreciated even though it kept capitalism rolling along. Also, a column by Carle Steel on the her personal finances.

POTTING SHOT Pro-marijuana activist Marc Emery swung through the 'Vag on his extradition tour earlier this month and Stephen LaRose interviewed the soon-to-be-deported pot activist. Good article. Someone remind me again why pot needs to be illegal but you can legally drink yourself unconscious? Oh yeah--arbitray double standards, political cowardice and psycho American law enforcement, and an extra-shitty federal government. Also, there's a great Gwynne Dyer column on the batshit-crazy U.S. war on drugs.

OF COURSE THERE'S MORE, JEEZ News Quirks, Top 6 columns, music previews and CD reviews, David Suzuki, restaurant reviews, film reviews, Beatty on Vernon ah Kee's show at the MacKenzie art Gallery, event listinngs, Queen City Confidential and Ask Greg, and probably some suff I forgot [EDIT: like the "t" in "stuff"]. So pick it up! You'll like it!

We're Number 37!

A catchy little tune about the health care teabag toss in the USA for your amusement.

Courtesy Paul Hipp and teh internets.