Friday Afternoon Kitty!

A vintage TV commercial for the Mercury Cougar, featuring a real, live cougar and a certain much-loved actor and model who passed away yesterday. Rest in peace, Farrah.

Class Dismissed

Here's a blast from the past for anyone who's getting a report card from elementary or high school today. (YouTube) And no, I don't know how my initials ended up on that desk.

Six In The Morning

1 MICHAEL JACKSON IS STILL DEAD Here's the obituary from the Los Angeles Times, a report on his poor health in the Guardian and the Rolling Stone tribute and archives.

2 SASK PARTY PROPOSES LOWERING THE TAXES OF THE PROVINCE'S WEALTHIEST RESIDENTS I'm just calling it like it is. That's how this would play out. You want a bunch of phoney media "balance", read this. (Leader-Post).

3 FIRST NATIONS UNIVERSITY WANTS THE DAMN MONEY The troubled institution demands its withheld federal funding (The Star Phoenix) but still won't do anything about its dysfunctional board of directors which a Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nation's Report recommended restructuring back in 2005 (First Nations University of Canada's website).

4 THEY'RE PROBABLY TORTURING IRANIAN PROTESTORS Is there a tax-deductible "foriegn plot" I can mail a cheque to? I'd like to help. (Guardian)

5 EXILED CANADIAN COMES HOME Abousfian Abdelrazik is getting on a plane and coming home to Canada after a ridiculous six-year security exile because somebody said he was a terrorist although no evidence was produced and then the Harper government sat on its ass until courts ordered them to help a Canadian citizen because that's their freaking job, and, jeez. (Globe And Mail)

6 THIS IS OLD NEWS BUT IT'S FUNNY From a Monday CBC story I just found now...

An Alberta Conservative MLA had the following quote on his blog for some insane reason: "Ladies, always smile when you walk into a room," wrote Tory Doug Elniski, adding "there is nothing a man wants less than a woman scowling because he thinks he is going to get shit for something and has no idea what."

The vastly entertaining comments have since been removed from the blog but CBC has a link to the cached post, which you can read here. To me, Elniski is more like an out-of-touch, sexist but still probably likeable dad rather than an evil sexist scumbag.

(Now, if you want to bash Alberta Tories for saying stupid things, I recommend you read about this incident.)

Elniski also recently made some comments at a Pride parade that incensed some people--something about bumping and grinding lesbians and dudes in ginormous stilettos, but he was clearly smitten with the event and having fun so I'm going to defend him on that one. We can't pummel Conservatives for everything. (CBC)