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Six In The Morning

1 NO-NUCLEAR SHOW Nuke reactor fans in Saskatchewan got a rough ride at last night's uranium forum. (Leader-Post)

2 PIG PLAGUE SMITES CITY SCHOOL There's only been one confirmed case of swine flu at a Regina school, but with a third of children home sick there are fears of an outbreak. (CBC)

3 OUT OF SHAPE Saskatoon kids are overweight and unhealthy, says a new report. (StarPhoenix) I bring this up partly because there needs to be public policy responses to problems like these, and partly because here in Regina our education leaders don't like kids walking to schools. (Dog Blog) Last I heard, getting bussed to school doesn't burn a lot of calories...

4 JUDGE TO GOVERNMENT: STOP BEING TOTAL DOUCHEBAGS TO THAT POOR GUY AND BRING HIM HOME, YOU STUPID DICKS (PARAPHRASED) A Federal court judge orders our federal government to bring home an exiled Canadian who was imprisoned in Sudan thanks to shabby accusations and half-assed evidence. (Globe And Mail)

5 ABORTION DOCTOR'S ACCUSED KILLER HAD CONNECTIONS TO ANTI-GOVERNMENT GROUPS, HISTORY OF FINANCIAL PROBLEMS Sounds like a real solid citizen. Seriously, this is yet another example of the problems with the anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, anti-science, pro-Libertarian agenda, It breeds terrorism. (The Wichita Eagle)

6 TOMORROW IS ANTI-TAX PROPOGANDA DAY An organization that wants weak government, private health care, fewer social services, no crown corporations and pretty much everything else that makes your life better wants you to be angry about paying taxes. Angry! Grrr! (Toronto Star) Because if you're mad about taxes, you're less likely to be angry about real problems. (Globe And Mail)