More Wishful Thinking

This is something else I'd kind of hoped would've disappeared once Obama became president. Oh well, Rome wasn't built in a day. (Fashionism)

And I just took that Virginity Pledge in the hopes I’d get more action!

President Obama's administration and the U.S. Senate just reversed a dumb-assed portion of the 2005 Deficit Reduction Act that prevented pharmaceutical companies from providing low-cost birth control to women who needed it. Not only that, but it cut $14 million in funding from the Community-Based Abstinence Education (CBAE) program that promoted a no-sex-until-marriage line. Though it didn’t prevent babies from being born or STDs from spreading, we do shed a tear for the loss of funding to an idea that helped provide the ideal environment for the creation of the term “Saddlebacking.”

Hurrah to common sense, and a big yay to lower-cost birth control pills. And Barrack? I couldn’t love you more than I do right now.

Rockin' On The CBC

Here's prairie dog and Planet S ' new teevee commercial, which will be rawkin' yo azz on the CBC for the next little while. The song is "Cold City" by Regina's Hot Blood Bombers, from their 2008 album Dirty Little Party (Transistor 66). Concept and animation is all prairie dog/Planet S, baby.

Thanks to designer Alex Whyte, who did all the, um, actual WORK, to the CBC for splicing in the music and to James Brotheridge for general helpfulness above and beyond the call of duty.

Six in the Morning

1. THAT SINKING FEELING: Scientists gathering in Copenhagen at the International Scientific Congress on Climte Change warn that sea levels could rise twice as much as earlier predicted. (CBC via DeSmogBlog)

2. THAT SINKING FEELING II: Meanwhile, a gathering of climate change deniers in New York swap misinfo about the climate crisis and tales of being quoted favourably by Rush Limbaugh. Who's listening to these jokers? Well the National Post for one. And two. (DeSmogBlog)

3. THAT LIFE PRESERVER THEY'VE THROWN YOU IS AN ANVIL: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives economists indicate that with the bank rate close to zero, the tax cuts in Harper's stimulus package will actually have a negative impact on the economy. (CCPA website)

4. IF AT FIRST YOU CAN'T GESTAPO, TRY, TRY AGAIN: Harper's little minions are bringing in legislation to restore extraordinary police powers in cases where terrorism is suspected. They do this because everyday our police force demonstrates that they are to be trusted with even more power. (Globe and Mail.)

5. THE INTERNET WON'T SAVE YOU: Record traffic on the federal government's online job bank is bringing their servers to a standstill. (Globe and Mail)

6. THE POWERS OF POSITIVE DRINKING: Dr Malcolm Lloyd will be appearing on Good Morning America this week to discuss his findings that regular drinking (yes, of alcohol) can help stave off everything from the common cold, some forms of cancer and the onset of Alzheimers. It also has the added benefit of numbing your memory of the other five items in this Six in the Morning. Make mine a Manhattan, bartender... (New York Post)