Laotian Food Rocks

Went to my second Regina Laotian Community Buffet and Dance. It was put on by the Laotian Youth Society at the downtown Legion. The food was great!

Regina needs a Laotian restaurant. If it has one and I've missed it, let me know. I ate at this hole-in-the-wall Laotian restaurant in Edmonton once. If you've had Vietnamese or Thai food, then the territory will be pretty familiar to you. But then, there are a few dishes that're really strange and surprising. So, a message to Regina's Laotian community: Regina needs more Laotian food. If you cook it, I will come.

Anyway, the community will next be hosting a Laotian New Year party on April 9. I'm hoping to attend just to find out what calendar Laos uses. Did you know Regina has an inordinately large Laotian community? That's what I hear, anyway. I don't know if it's precisely true but I'm happiest believing it is and will therefore continue to disseminate that information as though it were fact.

Also, for this year's Mosaic, the Laotians and the Irish will be sharing a building. Laap on one side. Guinness on the other. Excellent. Plus, I hear that every year the Laotian community gets in a supply of Beerlao for Mosaic. My wife (who's been to Laos) swears Beerlao is great. I have my doubts but hope to have them dispelled. Repeatedly.