Friday Afternoon Various-Animals

I'm sitting on a Greyhound bus somewhere between Virden and Brandon, Manitoba right now using my amazing powers to remotely post this week's Friday Pet Thing.

I am doing this even though 1.) I have no computer 2.) I have no Internet access 3.) I'm asleep with Ghost Bees' Tasseomancy playing quietly on my awesome purple iPod Nano, which (in case I didn't say) is purple.

Enjoy this video, which I post without any consideration whatsoever for credit or copyright. There's an annoying song too, so maybe turn it up.

(Okay yeah, so I wrote this Wednesday night and post-dated it for Friday. You know what? You'd never know if I hadn't told you.)

Right... like that's going to work...

Doubling down always works. Just ask anyone down at the casino...

So can anyone tell me exactly when everyone running something in the western world -- from our governments to our corporations to our pension plans -- became a complete friggin' idiot?