This Week at City Hall

Wednesday, January 6
Regina Planning Commission (4 pm): Considering meeting dates and times for 2010.

Thursday, January 7
Environment Advisory Committee (5 pm): Considering a suggestion to investigate PlascoEnergy's Waste-to-Energy system as an option for Regina's Waste Plan. Also considering sending committee members to a conference and to participate in a workshop; and, considering a request from the Canadian Cancer Society to address the committee on the hazards of using pesticides for cosmetic reasons.

Complete agendas and reports can be found on the city's website.

Pick of the Day: Blueprint Series

For several years now, New Dance Horizons has been presenting this small-scale performance series where local artists in a variety of disciplines (dance, theatre, visual art, literature) have an opportunity to showcase works in progress and gather feedback from the audience on what they felt worked about the piece and what could be improved upon. Most artists do labour in isolation a fair bit when they're creating a work, but at some point, especially in the performing arts, it's important to see how things look on stage.

The Blueprint Series is held at NDH's studio at 2207 Harvey St. in east-central Regina. Today at 3 p.m., presenters will be NDH artistic director Robin Poitras (pictured above from a work called Silk) & Caitlyn Coflin, Jeff Morton & Erin Gee and Kevin MacKenzie and Tanya Dahms. If you saw our Dec. 17 stocking stuffer issue, by the way, Tanya was the My Music subject. And Erin Gee had a video in the recently closed Dunlop Gallery show Mind the Gap!

February 7, Deanna Peters and Traci Foster will be presenting works, then on March 21 the former artistic director of the Youth Ballet Company of Saskatchewan Connie Moker-Wernikowski and Tanya Dahms will be showcasing new works.