Three in the Afternoon

1. ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVIST CASUALTY OF RIGHT-WING WITCH HUNT: Thanks to a Glen-Beck-led smear campaign, Van Jones has stepped down from his position as green jobs advisor to the Obama administration. View a rabble.tv video on the subject here and read some DeSmog Blog commentary here.

2. PRE-ELECTION ATTACKS START: The Conservatives are attacking the opposition for threatening to derail their (coughfascistcough) crime bill with an as-yet-to-be called election while it looks like one election strategy will be frightening the public with the bugaboo of another coalition. And by merely suggesting the possibility of an election at some point, Ignatieff's popularity slips. Because, you know, participating in a democracy is such a bother. What??? Am I the only person who enjoys elections? (Globe and Mail)

3. REFURBISHED HUBBLE PEERS INTO SPACE ONCE MORE: After it's fifth and final set of repairs, the Hubble space telescope is sending back its most awesomest pictures from the outer blackness yet. (Globe and Mail)

This Week at City Hall

Wednesday, September 9
Regina Planning Commission (4:00 pm): Have to confess, this doesn't look like the most thrilling RPC meeting in recent memory. Considering a couple road closures, a bylaw amendment to extend "neo-traditional" housing into a portion of Greens on Gardner ("neo-traditional" refers to houses with smaller front lots and backalley parking), a proposal for a child daycare lot, a proposal to put a propane storage facility in an industrail subdivision, and a request to build a three-story office building on the site of the old Nortown Bowling Lanes.

Thursday, September 10
Cemeteries Departmental Consultative Group (4:00 pm)

As always, full reports and agendas are available from the city' very own website!