Leader-Post's Arts Coverage -- or not ...

The General Fools (their home page) are in the midst of their first ever improv comedy act festival, bringing in three troupes from outside the city. (Check the prairie dog that's currently on the stands). The Leader-Post (arts section) doesn't have one line about it that I could find in Thursday's arts section. And at the time I look at their arts section on-line ... there's no locally generated copy at all. Nothing on the Extroverts reunion last night, nothing on General Fools, and the story of Jason Plumb's new record release has already been buried. Regina isn't a very interesting city, artistically, to those who work on the arts section of the city's daily newspaper.

That's what happens when your local newspaper isn't local any more. Just ask the residents of Nanton, Alberta. (Toronto Sun Family)

Friday Afternoon Kitty!

Never give up. Never surrender.

Via the miracle of YooToob, and Friend O' Dog Blog Peakay.

Six In The Morning

SWINE FLU ISN'T SUPER SCARY IN SASK Just mildly frightening. The province's chief medical officer discusses the local scene after the World Health Organization called a phase 6 pandemic alert over the H1N1 Influenza A virus. (CBC) By the way, yesterday the WHO called a phase 6 pandemic alert over the H1N1 Influenza A virus. (Globe And Mail)

TILLMAN TRIAL SET The Roughrider GM goes to court next January on a sexual assault charge involving a teenager. Tillman pleaded not guilty. (Leader-Post).

BIG DAY IN IRAN It's election day in Iran and it looks like President Turtleneck, AKA hardliner Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is going down. Whose difficult to pronounce name will Stephen Colbert mock now? (Guardian)

SANCTIONS FOR NORTH KOREA The UN talks tough about everybody's favourite rogue state. (New York Times)


STANLEY GETS DECIDED TONIGHT Yep! (Toronto Star) But where am I going to watch the game?