New Dog!

Cover by Carey Shaw

That's not a home and gardening magazine, it's the new issue of prairie dog. Here's a rundown on why it's great. And let me tell you it is great, hoo boy.

SECRET GARDENS The New Dance Horizon's summer fund-raiser is back. This year's theme? The Healing Garden. What's it all about? What's the fuss? Carle Steel launches herself into pretty fields of flowers looking for an answer. Will she find one? Who the hell knows--but Steel always brings something back alive.

MARY-LOU FINLAY & RICHARD FORD The storied host of as it happens drops chats with Gregory Beatty about her new book, which she will bring to this years Festival Of Words in Moose Jaw. It is an excellent interview. Also, Stephen LaRose speaks with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Richard Ford, who's heading up to St. Michael's retreat for the Sage Hill writing workshop's 20th anniversary celebration. Also a fine conversation.

ROLLER DERBY! Another LaRose special, this one about the wheeled warriors of the Pile O' Bones roller derby squad. A great article, loads of fun.

ANNNNND THERE'S MORE! The secrets of the summer news hole, revealed! A horrifying look at the impacts of a range of climate changes that will make you want to hide under your bed for weeks with the air conditioning cranked! A fair and objective report on the Saskatchewan Party government's stupid idea that marriage commissioners (who get their cheques signed by taxpayers, not churches) should have the right to not marry couples they don't approve of (i.e. same-sex)! A depressing column by Gwynne Dyer about nuclear proliferation! An appetizing look at TWO great restaurants by Dining Dave! A review of Bruno! A review of the mediocre new CD by the guy from the White Stripes who should go back to his day job! And much more, including Street Wear, David Suzuki, My Music, Ask Greg, Queen City Confidential, News Quirks, and other examples of splendid printed-word fun. Look for it in grocery and convenience stores, pubs, coffee shops and our distinctive yellow street boxes. There are around 400 locatiions city-wide!

Ronald Reagan Hated You

Further to item #1 in my Six In The Morning, please enjoy this vintage recording of Ronald Reagan attacking public health care on behalf of a powerful special-interest group called the American Medical Association.

(And here’s some context from the New York Times’ Paul Krugman.)

Crap like this is why I freak out when I hear even a whisper suggesting the Canadian Medical Association might support ANY degree of private health care. Whenever ANYONE uses the word “socialism” to scapegoat political opponents or frighten the public, I think of haters like Reagan, whose evil bullshit helped entrench the for-profit U.S. health care system. Which makes lots of money for the U.S. insurance industry while failing countless Americans. This stuff makes me extra-furious because thanks to America’s bad example, Canada’s beloved public system is always under the shadow of privatization.

You know, I’m just a (co-) small business owner who wants to make enough money to enjoy the one life I get and have a fun job with swell co-workers. And I’m smart enough to realize it’s usually the so-called “socialists” who bring forward the ideas that actually benefit lower-middle class me and my scruffy company. They’re the ones who talk about fair taxation, a strong public sector, protecting the environment, looking out for the vulnerable. etc. etc. All the sane stuff I support.

Unless you’re a multi-millionaire it’s in your interests to be on the “socialist” team, too. Best of all, you don’t actually have to BE a socialist. You'll just have to put up with name-calling by prostitute politicians who care more about their special interest group buddies than they do about you.

Six In The Morning

1 DOCTOR ORG BACKING PRIVATE CARE? But it'll be about efficiency, not making more money I'm sure. (StarPhoenix.)

2 ATOMIC BOTTOM LINE The provincial NDP points out nuclear reactors are cash sinkholes. In other news, the sky is blue, water is wet and puppies are cute. (StarPhoenix)

3 FARGINADOME? That secret stadium study we're not allowed to see looked at Fargo's facility. Anyone know if that thing's got a retractible roof? Indoor football sucks. (Leader-Post) UPDATE: Rosie just dropped by to distract me from working. He says the Farg-dome isn't retractable.

4 FACEBOOK SLAPPED Social networker must do a better job protecting people's privacy, says Canada's privacy commissioner. (Globe And Mail)

5 PILE UP THE DEAD The Iranian government's stormtroopers killed a lot more than 20 people, the Guardian reports. If you're too busy to read the article at least read the last sentence, which is nuts.

6 40 YEARS AGO TODAY Probably not the most efficient use of money but geez, for a little while we could really believe in our dumb little species there. Here's a great, huuuuge feature in the New York Times. And here's a moon mission video of the day. Because everyone deserves a moon mission video of the day.