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New Dog!

Cover by Alex Whyte

A few hours ago I bumped into prairie dog's Chief Distribution Officer hauling bundles of the new issue around the city. Not easy work, since this is our double-sized, extra-heavy Best Of Regina issue. Poor old Bill. A week from now he's going to have biceps the size of footballs. And I'm talking the CFL kind, not those sissy NFL tennis balls. Here's a brief overview of the latest prairie dog.

BEST OF REGINA Hundreds of readers cast thousands of votes in our annual reader's poll on the best people, places and pastimes in Regina. This year's categories include Best Restaurant, Best Brew Pub, Best Pizza, Best Eco-Warrior and Best Place To Have A Car Accident (and it's not "nowhere", although that did come in second). Want to know what your fellow citizens like about this place? Pick up a copy and see!

LEWIS BLACK VS. STEPHEN LaROSE The likable and rant-errific comedian and Daily Show pundit brings his scathing, entertaining squawkery to Regina on April 30. Stephen LaRose spoke with the comedian in advance of his show and hoo boy, is it ever a confrontational interview. (Actually, it sounds like they got along just fine. Good article though, you should read it.)

NUCLEAR NAY-SAYERS Federal Green Party leader Elizabeth May swooped by last week to pronounce on our province's nuclear notions. In brief: she dunnit like 'em, she dunnit like 'em at all. Michael Bell was at the press conference and provides PD readers the important details.

DOWN WITH PIRATES Gwynne Dyer takes a perhaps shockingly hard line against sea raiders off the Somalian coast. Yes, he recognizes there are tragic and complicated historical and economic factors at play in our new age of freebooting, but sometimes you just have to call a scallawag a scallawag. And send in the navy to shoot 'em.

ALSO: Joel Plaskett, Pink Mountaintops, Pale Ale, City Hall, a restaurant review (Silver's Steakhouse), film reviews, Street Wear, News Quirks, Typo Wiener, Queen City Confidential and a whole pile of reader letters including a mean one about David Suzuki (I'm curious to see if anyone will defend Suzuki's honour, actually!).

Pick up your free copy at one of 400 locations city-wide. and if you see Bill delivering a fresh bundle, maybe give the man a hug.