Pack Attack

Yesterday, as usual for a Friday, I was on CBC's afternoon edition with Michelle Hugli and my friend and Planet S counterpart Chris Kirkland, talking about supercool weekend events in Regina and Saskatoon.

My pick for Friday night was the band The Pack A.D., scheduled to rawk the hell out of O'Hanlon's.

A few things caught my attention about this band before I recommended them as the awesomest thing to do Friday night in Regina. First, they're signed to Mint Records, the never-miss Vancouver label who introduced me to fave bands the New Pornographers and Young and Sexy, and fave artists Neko Case and Carolyn Mark. (Plus, Mint has Nardwuar, and if you have Nardwuar you are made of win. This is a proven scientific fact).

Second, prairie dog's Vancouver bureau (in this case the esteemed Emmet Matheson) said we should do something on 'em because they're "really good".

Third, I listened to their stuff. Holy smokes, the Pack A.D. are really good.

So I checked out their set, which got underway at O'Hanlon's around 12:15-ish (kinda on the late side, tsk). The Pack A.D. are a Vancouver drum and guitar duo of Maya Miller and Becky Black who play a bluesy, rockey mix of "grrr" and "rowr". Their stuff would sound fake and forced from most bands but from Miller and Black's strings, skins and throats it rips with pure, blazing integrity.

They are the real thing, these two, and they are very likely only going to get better and better and better. I should add that Dechene and Steel were with me and they both agreed the band was great (and that makes it three against one, so you have to admit that we're right).

But you want a sample. Here's their video for "Making Gestures, off their 2008 album Funeral Mixtape, brought to you by the power of YooToob.

Let me tell you, it's even better live.

So I rave about this band today for two reasons. First, if you missed them last night--or even if you didn't--you've got another chance to see them here this summer. They'll be back in Regina July 30 at the Exchange (specifically, the Club). It's only eight bucks and will be a great show. Check it out. And yes, we'll have an article in the July 29 prairie dog. They'll play Amigo's in Saskatoon the next night, by the way.

Second, Miller asked the crowd to tell all their Winnipeg friends to catch tomorrow night's show at The Lo Pub, corner of Ellice and Kennedy. Since I have 'Peg friends who read this blog, well.. get there if you can people! I'm pretty sure you'll all like this band. (Peakay, drag Dano out if you can.)

For more on The Pack A.D. visit their website, here. Rowr!

Saturday Morning Cartoon

Back in 1978 DePatie-Freleng Enterprises produced a crappy cartoon featuring Marvel Comics World's Greatest Comic Magazine super-heroes - The Fantastic Four. Of course there was actually only three of them and an annoying robot named Herbie.

The popular rumor was that the folks at NBC didn't want kids lighting themselves on fire in an effort to imitate the Human Torch. So they replaced him with the annoying robot. But that was not the case. Universal Studios had previously bought the rights to the character with the intent to make him into a live action television show like The Incredible Hulk. I guess they couldn't find an actor that wanted to light himself on fire for an hour a week.