That's it, I'm Moving.

Can't. Write. Too. Angry.

Word's in that the Plains is to be demolished for condo/hotel complex. (LP)

Come on. The Plains? Like there aren't acres and acres of surface parking that they could have chosen from? Really?


Photo filched from Guy D/Regina in Pictures

Look Up, Way Up

Couldn't ask for a better night weatherwise. So if you're out and about, keep an eye out for this annual astronomical event. (Sky & Telescope) And no, you don't have to worry about going blind. (YouTube)

Rosie LaRose’s top six at six in the a.m., the p.m., and the fm too …

1 FOLK FESTIVAL WRAP UP The 40th annual Regina Folk Festival wrapped up Sunday night, and for me the worst thing about it was that I didn't win the 50-50 draw. Apart from that, it was wonderful. For me, the real 'find of the festival was Socalled, (his website) whose music is interesting on record, but performed live … imagine a mad Jewish scientist/rabbi channelling his inner Grandmaster Flash. Another real treat was Daby Toure (his Myspace page), who performed just before Corb Lund at the festival's Sunday night show.

2 MEANWHILE, FOR THOSE WHO WOULD RATHER HAVE A MISERABLE TIME … there's always the Saskatchewan Roughriders, who lost pretty miserably last weekend.(Leader-Post) Problems on the o-line, the least imaginative offensive design around, and a defence that can't stop the run. And Hamilton, with arguably the league's best young running back (ticats.ca) is coming to town. The horror, the horror …

3 WORK ON YOUR SNARKINESS, MITCHELL … Ex-CJME sports guy Mitchell Blair is hot under the collar (The Blair Necessities) about Toronto Blue Jays GM J.P. Ricardi's latest gaffe (TorStar). With all due respect, Mitchell, white hot indignation goes only so far. Think of Elvis Costello when he once sang, "I used to be disgusted, now I'm just amused …" And footnotes come in handy as well. (Sympatico/msn.ca) Jeff Blair (Globe and Mail) calls it for what it is – a salary dump by a team that doesn't have the money to compete and with a power vacuum in the boardroom.

4 WHOLE NEW MEANING TO THE TERM 'I'LL HAVE A DOUBLE-DOUBLE Tim Horton's Donuts won't be sponsoring an anti-gay marriage demonstration in Rhode Island after all. (Globe and Mail). Not that Dan Savage cares … (The Stranger)

5 WELL, DUH … 28 times the RCMP has investigated RCMP members for criminal conduct while on duty, and found no reason to lay charges. If the Mounties investigated everybody they way they investigate its own members' alleged criminal activities, they'd never get their man. (Globe and Mail)

6 THE DECLINE AND FALL OF AMERICAN CIVILIZATION, PART 4,863 … Last week in St. Louis, a black man said he was attacked by SEIU union members during a political 'town hall' meeting with his congressman because he disagreed with President Obama's health care policy. (AmericaBlog). He walked into the room but when the cameras turned on, he was suddenly wheelchair bound, and after the meeting, he walked out (DailyKos has the story). Then, he told Fox News that he was unemployed, had lost his private health insurance coverage, and asked Fox viewers to send him money to pay for his medical expenses he encountered for getting 'punched out' at the event. (Washington Monthly). Except, says the Washington Independent, that he's covered under his wife's health plan. (Washington Independent). Let's get this straight. A guy who says he lost his job and doesn't have heath care goes to a demonstration protesting a government plan that would provide health care for him and people in his situation, because he doesn't want other people to pay for his health care And when he gets hurt, the first thing he asks is other people to pay for his health care so he can continue to protest against a plan that would provide him and others like him health care. Rigggggggggght ...