Suburb Fun Facts

At Council's March 23 meeting they considered a concept plan for a new development called "Skyview" which is proposed for the lands north of the Lakewood subdivision. Council postponed making a decision on this until their April 20 meeting and seeing as I wasn't there, I've no idea why they did this. But I do know a few fun facts about Skyview!
  1. According to the report, Skyview will add 510 units of housing to the city.
  2. High density housing will comprise 220 of those units and cover 2.84 hectares.
  3. Roadways through Skyview will cover 4.21 hectares. That's 1.37 more hectares than high density housing!
  4. All tolled, roadways will cover 18 per cent of the surface area of Skyview.
  5. Regarding this application, Regina's Transit Department commented that "There is no budget in place to enable provision of transit service to this neighbourhood." Also, the report notes that "The Transit Department also stresses that current operating budgets do not provide opportunity to expand into new areas".
For the record, I'm not picking on Skyview because it's some kind of anomaly. It's probably a pretty typical suburban development -- and a small one to boot.