third party advertising

Here's one of those third party political ads a British Columbia judge just said were, in fact, legal (The Tyee). It's basically like all the right-wing attack ads we've seen for 30 years. Except, kind of funny. And contains actual facts.

Why you should fill out a best of regina ballot

You should vote in our Best of Regina reader's poll because there really, truly are good people in this town doing all kinds of things that make life here better--making art and music that enriches, volunteering in the community, running awesome restaurants and feeding me, ah, I mean us.

These people deserve to be recognized--they really, truly do--and our dumb write-in Best Of Regina popularity contest is a great way of doing it. SO! Vote!

WHAT? You say you're not motivated enough by civic duty and the urge to publicly praise the worthy? Gadzooks! Well then, what about choclate? Are you motivated by chocolate? drop off your filled out ballot at our office (#201-1836 Scarth St.) and you can grab a couple (or I dunno, a handful) of candy eggs from the basket on our reception desk.

WHAT? NOT ENOUGH??? Well, what if I told you...

...one lucky person who enters this contest will win...


It's true! Fill out a ballot* and you could win a $500 gift certificate for a reasonably awesome Regina mall. How many people fill out Best of Regina ballots anyway? Five hundred? A thousand? Fifteen hundred, tops? Good odds--better than the lotto, that's for sure.

VOTE NOW! Deadline to recieve ballots is 5:00 p.m., Thursday April 2.
*or e-mail bestof@prairiedogmag.com for a digital ballot

Best Of Regina!

You wouldn't know it from the total lack of blog posts, but our world-famous super-awesome Best Of Regina reader poll is going on right now. Maybe you didn't hear me--it's going on RIGHT NOW!

But there are only four days--FOUR DAYS!--left to vote for Regina's Best Restaurant, Best Shoe Store, Best Veterinarian, Best Hairstylist and, erm, like a hundred other categories.

You can vote in one of two ways: you can pick up a copy of prairie dog, fill out the ballot and drop it off at our office--we have chocolate Easter eggs! Yum! Or, you can e-mail bestof@prairiedogmag.com for a handy digital ballot.

More on this topic later.