Saturday Morning Cartoon

After running across the strange and bizarre Pac-Man cartoon, I discovered that while the first season of Pac-Man played in the The Pac-Man/Little Rascals/Richie Rich Show. Season two was The Pac-Man/Rubik the Amazing Cube Hour. That's right - they made a cartoon out of puzzle toy.

The plot featured a Rubik's Cube that came to life when the puzzle was solved. Unlike the Lament Configuration puzzle from Hellraiser - instead of hooks and chains, it grew legs and a head and flew around helping people.

It's name was Rubik and it all sorts of magic powers. It had escaped from an evil magician and it spent most of its time being solved and saving the three Hispanic kids who had found it.

I think it's the weirdest product placement I've seen in awhile. And after watching this, I can't help but wonder when the IPod cartoon is coming.