Nope, nothing about the Coyotes' sell off. This week's G20 conference in Pittsburgh brought out the usual protesters against the capitalist system ... and Penguins fans? (PuckDaddy)

Saturday Morning Cartoon

It's time for some monkey business.

After five movies and a short lived live action TV show, the Planet of the Apes franchise made it's way to a short lived cartoon in 1975.

The story involves a group of astronauts flung into the future and trapped on - that's right - The Planet of the Apes!

The animation was crude but the backgrounds were detailed and the overall feel of the show was kind of creepy for a Saturday morning cartoon.

Pick of the Day: Beethoven Septet

Each season, the Regina Symphony Orchestra does a main concert series at the Conexus Arts Centre. Smaller groups of RSO musicians also perform chamber concerts at Government House. I've never been to one. But I imagine it would be interesting. Entering Government House is kind of like stepping back to the late 19th century. Classical music has that vibe too.

But this isn't 1891 (when construction of Government House was actually completed). It's 2009. Society's more laid back now. It's not like you're expected to show up in formal dress and bow/curtsey to your social superiors while tweaking your waxed mustache/surreptitiously adjusting your corset. Rather, you're free to be yourselves (within certain limits, of course).

This RSO gig at Government House features works by Beethoven, Sebileus and Krommer. It's being held tonight at 8 p.m., and again tomorrow at 3 p.m. To whet your appetite, here's a young Dudley Moore doing a Beethoven sonota parody. (YouTube)