Quirky Association

Due out in the June 4 issue of prairie dog is a review I did of Heather Benning's new show Field Doll at the Dunlop's Sherwood Village Branch Gallery. As will be obvious from the cut-line I wrote for the photo that accompanies the show (above), it put me me in mind of a certain classic SF TV series. (YouTube)

Cons To Sell CBC?

Give me a freaking break (Leader-Post). Then again I'm not surprised. Rosie will blog on this later (I hope), and we'll have more in Thursday's paper. Bottom line: attacking the CBC is a naked attack on an informed public.


Harper's government is a nightmare and it has to go.

(Fumes more)

And it's funny how this gets proposed at a time when media everywhere is crashing and having enough trouble doing it's job. Jee. Zuz. Funking. Christ.

(Fumes even more)

Well, at least the Globe And Mail says a CBC sale isn't likely. So maybe this is what the politicians call "a trial balloon"--you quietly release information on controversial policy changes to see how badly people will freak out. (Okay, I know the info came out of a Freedom Of Information request, but someone nudged a reporter in the right direction.)

Anyway, I am prepared to freak right out over this. I like living in a (semi-) informed democracy with easy access to news, intelligent opinions and facts, and am pretty tired of politicians actively destabilizing our political system by screwing around with the best national media outlet--no thanks to decades of cutbacks--we've got when they should be working to improve it.

Those dirty rats! It's an outrage, I says!